Tuesday, April 9, 2019

3 Benefits of Choosing In-Home Care for Seniors

Choosing the type of care a loved one needs can be a daunting task. Age-related illness and disease will affect everyone differently, and not everyone will necessitate or want the same level of attention. Each individual will have unique needs and require different types of assistance. Because of this, in-home care has become a popular option, allowing customized support that can be tailored to fit specific parameters. Here are some benefits to consider when looking for home care Massachusetts.

  1. Comfort and Security
For most seniors, there are innumerable benefits to living at home for as long as possible. Home is a comfortable environment that provides stability and familiarity. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes require the elderly to leave their homes and reside in an entirely new environment. Some may even have to reside with strangers in a shared-room setting. This can be upsetting and confusing for some and can even exacerbate symptoms due to stress.
  1. Lower Cost of Care
In 2012 Genworth conducted a Cost of Care Survey to compare the costs of healthcare for seniors among nursing facilities and homes. According to the data, the national median monthly rates for nursing facilities ranged from $3,300 to $6,882. Compare this to the national median hourly rate of $18 to $19 per hour paid for in-home care. The cost of in-home care can be much lower, especially in cases where only a few hours of care per day is needed.
  1. Convenience
Another benefit of choosing in-home care is convenience. Friends and family can visit their loved ones in the convenience of their own home. This option also allows the patient to enjoy more freedom and independence, which is usually a large concern for aging seniors. Since there will be no driving to and from other locations, this also frees up time that would otherwise be spent traveling.
The demand for in-home care is rising, and considering the benefits, it’s easy to see why. With lower costs, better convenience, fewer hospital trips and increased comfort, it makes sense that aging seniors would prefer this option as opposed to other standard practices.

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