Monday, May 13, 2019

How To Throw a Shower

If you're involved in an upcoming wedding as a member of the wedding party or close to a woman who's expecting a baby, you may have the opportunity to plan, or help plan, a shower. The traditional purpose of a shower is to help equip the bride or expectant mother with supplies she will need after the big event. While practical gifts are part of modern showers as well, it is often viewed as an opportunity for the guest of honor to spend some time among female friends before the big event occurs.
A shower can be as formal or casual as you like it to be, but here are some things to think about to help make the occasion a success.

1. Venue

A baby shower should probably take place in a home, usually that of the host. A bridal shower can also take place in a home, but other venues are acceptable as well, such as a park or a restaurant. A small shower can be held in a gallery, spa, or a specialty location like a paint-your-own pottery studio, while a large shower may require a venue such as a banquet hall.

2. Food

A shower that takes place at a restaurant may include a full meal. Otherwise, you needn't serve anything more than hors d'oeurvres and/or dessert items. Cookie platters Schaumburg are good for this purpose. Non-alcoholic "mocktails" can be served at a baby shower to allow the expectant mother to partake.

3. Activities

You should plan some sort of fun games to play during the shower. One fun game idea is to ask all the guests to bring pictures of themselves as babies and have everyone guess who's who. Another fun idea is to have guests make handmade keepsakes for the bride or mother-to-be.

4. Gifts

Opinions are mixed as to whether you should open presents at the shower or afterward. If the guest list is small, it may be acceptable to open gifts during the shower, but opening many gifts at once may extend the party long past the point of endurance. Etiquette experts recommend saving the gift-opening until after the party, but ultimately, its up to you and the bride or mom-to-be.

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